I am sorry on the night I made a few errors, well I think 3, so not bad out of 150 questions, but the report will read - could do better!

Well done to the winning team, Laura's team (a group of regular quizzers at the Elburton on a Monday night at 9) and well done to The Pope's (a part of the Elburton team). I also made some scoring mistakes,but fortunately it did not affect the positions. The Geek Squad did come 3rd legitimately, with The Winners in 4th, so the tie break worked correctly. As for the the Suzy Q's, they did well to hang on to last place, they nearly blew it and nearly missed out on their lollies!

All the questions (with corrections can be found at my own website quiz page, click here, then press the Quizzes button). On the site you will fond many more quiz questions and picture rounds, which you are free to use if you are doing your own questions.